Space Corridor

Daniel Schneider and Patrik Tegnander created this as a school project to show off our graphical skills.

You will need a modern computer as well as the Unity web player to view this. If the loading should stop, or otherwise not function, please clear temporary internet files and reload the page.

See Controls below for important brightness options.

If you can't see or are unable to install the Unity Web Player you can view a video of it below.


Mouse Look around
W Move forward
A Move left
S Move back
D Move right
F Toggle flashlight
B Change brightness
F2 Restart experience


Textures Patrik Tegnander and Daniel Schneider
Models Daniel Schneider and Patrik Tegnander
Programming Daniel Schneider
Concept Art Patrik Tegnander
Sound effects (see below)

Special Thanks to:

Entire CGD2010 class

Björn Strandberg & Hans Nyby

Unity 3D users: HerbertBoland, BMacZero, beerbelly38, chipfork, ReWired, loofa, Incarnadine, suonho, adcbicycle, misterTood.